Annual Conference of Young Psychiatrists Sub Committee & Media and Mental Health Sub Committee

Start Date: 
Friday, 22 July 2022
Start Time: 
(All day)

An Annual Conference of Young Psychiatrists Sub Committee & Media and Mental Health Sub Committee, organised by Dr Manaswi Gautam, Dr Anita Gautam, Dr Vikas Gaur, Dr Navendu Gaur and Dr Manju Bhaskar on 22nd July, 2022 at the Golden Tulip hotel. The students who enrolled in the RCI approved Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PDCP) course at the IIS (deemed to be University), Jaipur were also invited for the same. There were various eminent speakers in the scientific programme.

The inauguration of the event started off with an auspicious note with prayers where everyone in the audience joined in, which was then followed by an introductory session given by Dr Shiv Gautam, an eminent psychiatrist in the country who is at present the Director and Professor of Psychiatry at the Gautam Institute of Human Behaviour and Alternative Medicine, Jaipur proceeded by Dr Manaswi Gautam and Dr Anita Gautam. The session progressed by a key note on Media given by the renowned Indian Journalist Sh. Sanjeev Srivastava. The audience was thrilled to ask questions related to Media and Psychiatry wherein an intern from the audience asked Sh. Srivastava about how to present the importance of mental health in Media to which Sh. Srivastava responded by talking about the different ways in which the information can reach to the masses without conveying any misinformation.

Further, the conference progressed as Dr Gautam Saha bestowed the audience with immense knowledge on the career options available for young psychiatrists. The session augmented many young people from the audience to get acquainted with the opportunities available in the field of psychiatry.

The audience was then acknowledged with Digital and Print Media as presented by Dr Heena Merchant. She did not skip a chance to engage the audience in a quick activity wherein the audience was divided in two groups and were asked to mention the pros and cons of print and digital media. Audience actively took part and interacted with the speaker.

Following refreshments, the event continued to be enriched with knowledge as the audience was then introduced with an informative session on CBT in Borderline Personality Disorder by Dr Manisha Gaur followed by a role-play which appealed the audience.  

Dr Vinay Kumar then addressed the importance of Media as a double-edged sword. In this session, the speaker splendidly grasped the audience’s attention by discussing about the favourable and unfavourable consequences of Media.

Finally, workshops were conducted by Dr Deepanjali Deshmukh on Understanding EEG followed by a workshop on CT/MRI in Psychiatry by Dr Raj Deore. The audience got a wonderful opportunity to get aware about the respective areas important in the field of Psychiatry.

The conference ended on a good note wherein the audience got such a delightful opportunity to hear such esteemed professionals keep their views on Media and Mental Health. Such enriching affairs are ought to be pondered upon and raised.