Orientation Programme for Students of Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PDCP)

Start Date: 
Tuesday, 1 February 2022
Start Time: 
(All day)
A.V Hall
TIME:10:30am -3:00pm
The department of psychology, IIS (deemed to be ) University, Jaipur, organised a two day Orientation programme on st and 2nd February, 2022 in the A.V Hall for the 
students who enrolled in the RCI approved Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology (PDCP) course as organized by the university. 
Our honourable Chancellor, Dr.Ashok Gupta bestowed his graceful presence and welcomed all the new students present at theOrientationprogramme.Sir interacted with the new students by talking about the importance of Clinical Psychology in our country to day and motivated the students to do their best in the course. Following this, our honourable Vice-Chancellor, DrT.N Mathur blessed the new students and spirited them up with his words of encouragement.
The students also got a chance to interact with Dr.Shiv Gautam, an eminent psychiatrist in the country who is at present the Director and Professor of Psychiatry at the Gautam Institute of Human Behaviour and Alternative Medicine,Jaipur . Dr.Gautam joined in through virtual mode and congratulated the students for getting enrolled in the course. Dr. Gautam  began his speech by talking about the status of mental health in our country and how important it is to have more clinical psychologists today. He gave a detailed account about the facts and figures of mental health disorders and the professional team involved who looks after them  and thus encouraged the students to be more responsible and sincere about this course. Dr.Gautam also acquainted the students with the hospital since the students would be visiting his hospital as part of the1-year course.
The faculty members deliberated words of advice and suggestions for the newly
 admitted students and a small ice-breaking activity was also introduced so that the
 students and the faculty members can know each other better. Following this Dr Monica Sharma, Clinical Psychologist and Assistant Professor-Department of psychology, gave  a complete guide about the course and answered all the doubts and queries of the students in the end.
The Orientation programme didn’t skip a chance to fully equip the new students to the University. For this, a short movie was played which emphasized on the infrastructure of the University so  as to  help the students get more familiar with all the different departments with the irrespective rooms and labs.
Dr. Sonal Jain, librarian, guided the students with her wonderful presentation which gave a detailed account about the IISU Central library and the various resource sharing networks that the University provides. Students were also informed about the ethos of the University. Dr.Radhika Sharma, Associate professor and head of biotechnology department, took the stage for this and enlightened the students about the do's and don’ts of the University in a delightful manner.
TIME:1:30pm -2:30pm
On day 2,Dr.Ankita Jain, Associate professor-Department of management, provided an informative presentation on the importance of‘ Human Values’.The presentation
highlighted the significance of human values such as happiness, prosperity, love, truth,peace and gratitude. Dr.Jain gave a variety of relevant examples which the students were able to relate to. As an ending note Dr.Jain edified the students by quoting Einstein,“Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man o fvalue”.
The Orientation programme ended on a successfulnote as the students gave
satisfactory and vibrant feedback.